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My dear and respected friends, I am a Pakistani citizen and belong to a middle class family. Poverty unemployment is one of the biggest problems of our country. Many underprivileged people are living in poverty due to unemployment and lack of skills. I have seen many powerful and helpless people in my life who are killing their children due to hunger, few died due to lack of medicine. 

Such widows and forced mothers who sell their own children. There are three girls are unable to get married due to lack of dowry and are getting old. I have seen fathers who cannot afford to support their children due to illness, have seen children and their parents who die of hunger and helplessness. I am living in a small town in Punjab. I used to help as many people as I could with the help of Allah Tallah. I cannot do it all alone in life, but humanity is alive inside my heart and my mission is to bring humanity to life. I want to tell all of you that my mission is to end poverty from our country and to live humanity in the hearts of all. Together we have to see that our neighbor is not hungry or sleeping around. Not the poor who deserve our help. I personally know many people who are underprivileged and sleep hungry at night but do not ask for help from anyone, it is their faith and trust in Allah. Let us all make their believe more on Allah, if we all start helping such people together and start sharing the lives of the people, Insha’Allah will end poverty and unemployment in our country. My mission is to eradicate poverty and unemployment from our country and to provide services and needs in people’s lives. This is the mission of all those who are supporting me. Now we all have to make people feel if Allah Almighty blesses you and provides you with life and you are living a good life, then we must support our poor people who are our brothers and sisters in Islam. They deserve help and support in their lives so that they too live a good life in society. Let us all pray to Allah that we all should do good and give strength to each other in good works to facilitate each other.

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The Qur'an says (39:9)

"Are those who have knowledge equal to those who do not have knowledge?!”

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بسم اللہ الرحمن الرحیم السلام علیکم ورحمۃ اللہ وبرکاتہ



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